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About Co-Working

Co-working is a misunderstood new industry. Many people think of it simply as shared office space but it can, and should, be much more. The essence behind coworking is community and collaboration. Members don’t just share an office space they share ideas and can even inspire each other. They can pay for access from one day a week to five. They can hang out on the couches, pull some tables together and work as a group, or get some privacy in a cubicle or conference room. The large open spaces encourage collaboration and interaction. This is the main inspiration for the identity for Coworking Connection.

What We Do

We are a bunch of freaks who believe that Startups are those other bunch of freaks who build scalable and cost-effective businesses. Startups need a Co-working space which is scalable and cost-effective. We provide that!

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One Express

It's a pleasure to be a part of Love the atmosphere and spirit of all the members associated with It's not a business or co working centre it's a family whom are going to associate and you always grow with the support of family

Let Reach

Great concept to bring & provide co-working space solutions to SMEs. Being the first member, I have seen this co-working growing bigger & better - both horizontally & vertically and it's never failed to aptly serve us. With a gorgeous environment, 2499Office is undoubtedly the best kept low-cost co-working solution for startups in Delhi NCR.

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Finally we found a Coworking space in West Delhi which was A+ on facilities for Startups and yet quite cost-effective.

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